Zelda Darling

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Meet Zelda and her Friends


Hello, my name is Zelda… I am a very special cat… I am a princess. How do I know… Joe tells me all the time. I am a beautiful Russian Blue cat with the softest, silkiest fur of all. I am treated like a princess. I have my creamiest softest pillow to lay on and my pretty little bowl with the beautiful silver lining around the rim that I eat from. And my collar and leash, let me tell you about my collar and leash… they have the most sparklest jewels on them. And when I go for my walks with Joe they sparkle in the sun light. Joe carries me around on his shoulder sometimes so I don’t get my feet dirty from grass or dirt. Joe loves me very much.
I live in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. My home is high in the air with big windows so I can watch everyone on the street below. This is where my friends live and play. I get to visit with them once a week when Joe and I take our walk.
Let me introduce them all to you now…
Joe is the happiest man I know and has a hundred friends. Joe wouldn’t hurt a fly and has a heart of gold. If you weren’t a friend of Joe’s… when you meet him, you will be. Joe has a happy house with friends, music and laughter all the time. Joe is a good friend and a good listener who cares for all his friends. I know Joe is a good listener… he listens to me all the time. He sits there so patiently and listens to every word I say.


Elvis is the biggest, whitest cat I know… and he has been a good friend of mine since I was a small kitten. We have grown up together… but Elvis kept growing after I stopped. Elvis is a FANTASTIC CAT. He belongs to Mr. Lazzari and they live at "The Fish Market". I can see "The Fish Mart" from my window when I’m lying on my creamiest softest pillow in the world. I get to visit with Elvis once a week and catch up on the neighborhood news. Elvis job is to guard "The Fish Mart" and the walkway to the side from rats, and he does a very good job. Even with his large size he is the fastest cat I know. He is the best-feed cat in town.

Mr. Lazzari
Mr. Lazzari is the owner of "The Fish Mart". He is a very large man with a heart of gold. He loves everyone and he sings to the whole neighborhood. I can’t understand a word he sings… but he gives it all his heart. With one hand on his heart and one hand waving high in the air he carries a note as long as he has breath… and that’s a lot. He is busy all day preparing his shop and selling his fish."The Fish Mart" is my favorite shop to stop at on my walk. Mr. Lazzari gives me fresh treats to eat when Joe and I visit his shop. He always has kind words for Joe and I.

Flora & Fauna
Flora and Fauna are my twin Siamese friends. They look like statues most of the time. They sit so still on a shelf or the windowsill with only the tips of their tails moving. I have known them most of my life, they act cold and stern but they are really friendly once you get to know them. A very small lady owns them.
Flora and Faunas job is… well they don’t really do anything. They just sit there and watch the people come in and out of the shop. And when they are in the windowsill they watch the people walk up and down the street. I guess you could say they have an easy job.

Alley Cat
Alley is a good friend of mine. She is new to our neighborhood, but is liked by everyone. She is very friendly to all of us and talks with everyone. She is a wild cat and no one owns her. She sleeps where she wants and goes where she wants and doses what she wants. She always has exciting stories to tell me of her adventures on the street.
Alleys job… well her job is not to get hit by a car or caught by a person.

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